Shady Brazilian Businessman executed in late-night Regent Street attack

The incident took place at around 10:30 pm and persons in the area dashed for cover as Dasilva's vehicle was riddled with bullets. His attackers escaped from the scene leaving him dead on the spot and his friend injured.

Shady Brazilian Businessman executed in late-night Regent Street attack

A shady Brazilian businessman who faced multiple fraud and other charges in Guyana almost a decade ago was shot dead execution-style last evening on Regent Street just outside the Kirpalani store.

The 51-year-old man identified as Euclid Dasilva was in a Toyota pick-up with another man when a car drove up behind him and two gunmen exited opening fire on the two sides of the pick-up.

The execution was caught on surveillance cameras in the area. The two gunmen were seen hurrying back to a white Toyota car and speeding off from the scene.

DaSilva was pronounced dead at the scene while the other man in his vehicle was seriously injured.

Based on the video recording of the incident, DaSilva appeared to have been waiting on someone. Investigators are not clear as to a motive behind the shooting death.

Police investigators arrived on the scene and spent more than 2 hrs doing their on-site probe.

The dead man, Euclid Dasilva, operated a business in the Hadfield Street area.

Back in 2010 he was charged for allegedly forging a Guyana birth certificate to show that he was born here. He was handed over to the the Brazilian authorities.

But two years later the man reappeared in Guyana and was arrested and charged again in relation to fraud. The Brazilian authorities reported at the time that he had escaped from a Boa Vista prison. They had described him as a known drug trafficker.

In 2014, he was freed of the fraud and conspiracy charges after the Prosecution failed to produce sufficient evidence during his trial.

DaSilva has remained in Guyana since then and continued to operate a business in the City.

Investigations are continuing this morning into his murder.

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