Taxi driver to face High Court trial over dragging death

Taxi driver to face High Court trial over dragging death

The taxi driver who is accused of murdering a young father over a $700 debt, was this morning committed to stand trial at the High Court in Demerara for the capital offence.

28-year-old Kester Lewis was initially charged last December for manslaughter related to the death of 29-year-old David Barclay.

However, the DPP later advised that the charge be changed to murder.

In Court today, the Chief Magistrate ruled that a strong enough case was made out against Lewis for him to stand trial in the High Court before a Judge and Jury.

It was on the 27th December last year on Durban Street that the accused and the victim got involved in a confrontation over $700.

Barclay had solicited the services of Lewis to repair a tyre on his car. After the tyre was repaired, it was reported that Barclay was short $700 for the job.

The angry taxi driver reportedly armed himself with a knife and slashed the tyres on the man’s car. A confrontation between the two started and while Barclay was holding on to the door of the taxi driver’s car, the driver sped off, slamming the young man into a number of parked cars.

Barclay was rushed to the hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. The mechanic was later arrested and charged.

He will continue to remain behind bars until his High Court trial.

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