Three workers crushed to death in Bosai accident

Three workers crushed to death in Bosai accident

Three workers attached to the Bosai Bauxite Company were killed just after noon on Thursday when a heavy-duty truck slammed into and crushed the vehicle that the three workers were in.

The heavy-duty Caterpillar truck is a “777” truck which is one of the large trucks used by the company to transfer bauxite and other mine material around the Linden mine. It is unclear who was operating the heavy-duty vehicle at the time. The three dead men have been identified as Michael Williams, Trenton Gardener and Kester Grant. Two other Bosai employees are seriously injured and being treated at the Mackenzie Hospital.

Reports suggest that the driver of the small pick up transporting the mine workers was attempting to over take the heavy-duty truck when he lost control and the vehicle slid directly in the path of the Caterpillar heavy-duty truck. This is one of the worst mine accidents to take place at the Bauxite operations at Linden in over two decades.

The mining operations at the Bosai company came to a complete halt after the accident at the Linden mines.862083_578118158878898_576471668_n

The men were eventually pulled from their crushed vehicle but were already dead. Stunned co workers stood in disbelief as they looked at the lifeless bodies of the three men. The three men were taken to the Mackenzie Hospital where they were declared dead on arrival.

One of the men served as a foreman for the company. One of the other men was a contractor while the third was an apprentice mechanic.

Officials at the Bosai bauxite company could not be reached for a comment on the tragedy. details emerging.



Filed: 20th June, 2013

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