Top Cop wants more professional Force

Top Cop wants more professional Force

The Commissioner of Police Leroy Brummel has issued a call for policemen to act more professionally when they carry out their duties. The top cop made the call on Saturday as he addressed hundreds of police officers as part of the force’s 174th anniversary celebrations.

Commissioner Brummel cautioned ranks against the abuse of power which he said will not be tolerated. He spoke directly about the placing of some persons in the lock ups when the offence they may have committed could be dealt with differently and in a more professional manner.

“Let us be committed to this organisation, let us show that some of the criticisms that we’re getting we can take it and respond in a professional manner,” Commissioner Brummel said.

The Guyana Police Force has been heavily criticised in the past for the number of unsolved crimes. The Force has also been criticised for the manner in which some police officers handle specific investigations and cases.

The Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee recently lashed out at the force for number of cases that fall apart at the Magistrate’s court stage for insufficient evidence or shoddy investigations.

The Opposition parties have called for a full reform of the Police Force.

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