Two bandits shot dead during Montrose robbery…one identified as wanted cop

Two bandits shot dead during Montrose robbery…one identified as wanted cop

Two armed bandits were shot and killed by police on Monday evening during a standoff at a Montrose supermarket on the East Coast of Demerara.

One of the dead bandits has been identified as Policeman Warren Blue who was wanted for the murder of Agricola youth, Shaquille Grant. Blue and another policeman have been on the run for the past two years. The other policeman is still on the run.

The other dead bandit has not been identified, but police investigators have described him of being medium in build and of east indian descent.

According to reports, it was just before 7:00pm when the two men stormed the Lahague Supermarket at Montrose and opened fire. The owner of the supermarket, Latchmee Baburam was grazed by a bullet to her right thigh and hit to the face as  the  two men carried out their robbery.

However, an alarm was raised, and a police team responded quickly and started to engage the two men.

The husband of the injured woman said he and his wife have been operating two supermarkets in the community since 2005 and Monday night’s robbery marked the 8th time that one of his stores was attacked and robbed. He said he was at the store in the village when he got a call from his daughter that the store on the public road was under attack by gunmen and his wife had been injured.

The shootout lasted for close to 3o minutes and according to eyewitnesses one of the gunmen could be heard pleading for his life even as he continued to fire shots at the law enforcement officers.

When the gunshots ended, both of the men were found sprawled on the supermarket’s floor with gunshot wounds to their upper body. They were taken to the Georgetown Hospital where Doctors pronounced them dead.

The bandit who was identified as the wanted policeman, was found with gloves on his hands. There are reports that a third man who was waiting in a car on the two, made good his escape when the confrontation began.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Filed: 15th December, 2014

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