Two Hughes, Moses and Khemraj to battle for AFC Presidential Candidate spot

Two Hughes, Moses and Khemraj to battle for AFC Presidential Candidate spot

The husband and wife political pair of Nigel and Cathy Hughes are expected to challenge each other and face challenges from their fellow executive members, Moses Nagamootoo and Khemraj Ramjattan when the Alliance For Change meets on October 25, 2014 to elect its Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates at the party’s Biennial Congress.

The four senior party members were nominated for the Presidential Candidate position on Saturday (October 4) at the party’s National Executive Committee meeting.

Nominations received for the Prime Ministerial Candidate were Raphael Trotman, Nigel Hughes,  Cathy Hughes, Dr. Verasammy Ramayya and David Patterson.

According to a statement from the Alliance For Change, the party is fine tuning its preparations for General Elections that are expected to be held after the Opposition parties pass the no confidence motion against the Government of Guyana.

When the National Assembly reconvenes later in October, the Alliance For Change will move the no confidence motion and A Partnership for National Unity which is the larger Opposition party, has promised its full support for the motion.

The AFC said its National Executive Committee gave total support to the Motion of No Confidence and saw the representatives pledging 100 percent commitment to move the election process forward. According to the party, all representatives were highly motivated and eager to get back to the Regions to advance the work that will give the AFC the advantage at the next poll.

The meeting brought together representatives from all ten Administrative Regions of Guyana along with representatives from the Diaspora who joined the meeting via Skype.

 “The AFC leadership in one voice condemned the minority government for undermining the constitution by refusing to hold local government elections and establishing a procurement commission, as well as unlawfully spending public funds not authorized by the Parliament. The meeting also saw the NEC pledging full support for Co-founder and now Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman in the face of a diabolical plot against him”, the statement said.

Filed:  5th October, 2014

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