Two women die by drowning at Region 2 beach

Two women die by drowning at Region 2 beach

Two women, ages 24 and 25, lost their lives on Sunday by drowning at Feather Beach on the Essequibo Coast.

The two women have been identified as Akeeisha Tyrell and Kawattie Lallbachan,

The incident took place on Sunday after just after 3 o’clock.

A family member of one of the dead women, said they were all in the water, dancing and having a good time when there was a sudden current that started to pull them. A number of other persons managed to swim to shore, while others were pulled by relatives.

However, the two women quickly vanished under the water and searches for them came up empty handed for several minutes.

Their bodies were eventually found and both women were rushed to the Suddie Hospital where doctors pronounced them dead.

An investigation has been launched by the Police in the area and post-mortem examinations are to be carried out on both bodies.

The incident has left two families devastated and in mourning. One of the women, Akeeisha Tyrell would have been celebrating her birthday this week.

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