Venezuela’s aggression remains a threat to Guyana and entire region -PM Phillips tells South American Leaders

Venezuela’s aggression remains a threat to Guyana and entire region -PM Phillips tells South American Leaders

Prime Minister of Guyana, retired Brigadier Mark Phillips, has informed South American leaders that Venezuela’s planned referendum could jeopardise the stability in the region.

Venezuela is moving ahead with its planned referendum on the 3rd December, seeking to boost its claims of Guyana’s Essequibo region.

While addressing the inaugural South American Dialogue Meeting between Defence and Foreign Ministers in Brazil on Wednesday, the Prime Minister said that by challenging Guyana’s territorial sovereignty, the upcoming Venezuelan referendum poses “an existential threat” to Guyana.

“Besides posing an existential threat to Guyana’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, in violation of International Law, it represents a threat to the peace and stability of the region as a whole”, Prime Minister Phillips said.

He told the South American Ministers that Guyana has turned to the International Court of Justice seeking provisional measures to prevent escalation, pending the Court’s binding judgement on the underlying boundary controversy.

Prime Minister Phillips also outlined Guyana’s commitment to “the peaceful settlement of disputes” and the need to uphold the principles of international law, while emphasizing the crucial role of regional cooperation in ensuring peace and security.

“This defence forum offers a valuable platform for reinforcing our collective aspirations for a safe and secure region. We are inherently connected by geography, unified by culture, and interdependent in trade. It is through this intricate network of relationships that we strive to uphold and enhance peace and stability across our region. Brazil’s initiative to lead our region at this critical juncture is indeed commendable.”

The Prime Minister referenced the need to follow the UN Charter and international law as a “guarantee for peace”, stressing the critical importance of peaceful conflict resolution.

He also explained that as an incoming non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, Guyana stands prepared to confront existing and emerging threats to international peace and security in a principled manner.

He stressed that “no effort should be spared” to avoid conflict and ensure South America remains a “zone of peace and cooperation”.

Guyana has been informing the international community about the increasing threats and aggression from neighbouring Venezuela.

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