President Ali in Brazil for meeting of South American Leaders

President Ali in Brazil for meeting of South American Leaders

President Irfaan Ali is in Brazil for the South American Leaders Summit, which is being hosted by the Government of Brazil. The President arrived in Brazil this afternoon.

He is expected to host bilateral discussions with a number of South American leaders including the host President, Lula DaSilva. The Venezuelan President is also attending the meeting, but it is unclear whether any bilateral discussions will take place between him and the Guyanese President.

Guyana currently has Venezuela before the International Court of Justice, seeking a final judicial settlement of the border controversy.

The gathering of South American leaders is being seen as an attempt by Brazil to reinvigorate regional integration efforts.

The Brazilian President has been pushing an agenda of bringing the countries of South America closer together, since he returned to office earlier this year.

At a press conference today, the Brazilian President said the meeting will discuss cooperation in energy and crime-fighting, and will also examine the idea of a regional currency to challenge the U.S dollar.

The last meeting with all of the South American leaders took place more than five years ago.

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