Guyana and Brazil Military Officials meeting on border security and military cooperation

Guyana and Brazil Military Officials meeting on border security and military cooperation

Senior military officials from the Guyana Defence Force and the Brazil Armed Forces are meeting in Guyana for their 26th Regional Meeting of Military Exchange.

The meeting is being hosted at a time when there is heightened tension at Guyana’s border with Venezuela, owing to a build-up of Venezuelan troops and a planned referendum by the neighbouring country to strengthen its claim of Guyana’s Essequibo region.

Brazil has been a strong supporter of Guyana in the border controversy.

In a statement, Guyana Defence Force Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier Omar Khan, noted the enduring and mutually beneficial friendship between Guyana and Brazil, while highlighting the shared values of the two countries, including their democratic practices and respect for international law.

The Chief-of-Staff emphasized that the meeting goes beyond military cooperation, since it adds value to regional stability and peace.

He expressed the importance of collaboration in maintaining a secure and peaceful region.

Leading the visiting delegation from the Brazilian Armed Forces, Commander of the 1st Jungle Infantry, Major General Paulo Santa Barba, expressed his pleasure at being in Guyana for the meeting.

He highlighted the significance of sharing concerns, intentions, and capabilities to ensure the continued safety of the region. Major General Santa Barba emphasized the interconnected nature of regional security, stating that an issue affecting one country could have repercussions for all.

Commander of the 1st Infantry Battalion of the Guyana Defence Force , Colonel Michael Shahoud is leading the local delegation.

The annual meeting between Guyana and Brazil focuses on various mutually beneficial areas, including border security, the operational environment, and issues arising at the Bon-Fim/Lethem border.

The GDF said the military exchange is just one facet of the longstanding diplomatic relations between Guyana and Brazil, which date back to 1968.

According to the Guyana Defence Force, the military exchange meeting underscores the commitment of both nations to collaborative efforts in ensuring regional security, peace, and prosperity.

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