Vyphuis calls on Police Officers to display honesty

Vyphuis calls on Police Officers to display honesty

Retiring Assistant Police Commissioner and A’ Division Commander, George Vyphuis on Wednesday morning called for junior ranks of the Guyana Police Force to be more honest when interacting with members of the public.

Addressing a retirement parade held in his honour at Police Headquarters, the Assistant Police Commissioner “I would wish to call on the junior ranks to display a high level of honesty, trust respect and let courtesy be your hallmark and passion to serve the public.”

He said as the Guyana Police Force moves ahead with a strategic plan for modernisation, he is confident that the goals will be accomplished.

Mr. Vyphuis served the Police Force for 35 years in several departments and commands. He once served as the Deputy Chief Immigration Officer and overlooked the modernisation of the Passport Office and the introduction of the machine readable passport.20090426vyphuis

During his tenure too, he also served as Commander for a number of Police Divisions including the A’ Division which covers the Capital city. He said it was no easy task, but he built a strong relationship with members of the public and the community and that made his work easier.

He recalled that he partnered with businesses to improve the work of the Police Force and to also ensure Police officers worked in a more comfortable environment. He said he initiated donations of just about everything for the Force, from Breathalyzers and water pumps to air conditioning units and mattresses.  The outgoing Commander said that type of cooperation ensured a stronger relationship with the public and business community.

Assistant Police Commissioner Vyphuis also said that it is important for the Police Complaints desk to remain in place to cater for members of the public who may have had problems with police officers or police practices. He reminded Police officers that they are there to serve the public’s interest and they ought to respect that interest especially since it is through the payment of taxes by the public that police officers are paid their salaries.

Mr. Vyphuis said now that he is calling it a day in the Guyana Police Force, he will have more time to focus on his wife and family while  he reflects on the three and a half decades he spent in the Guyana Police Force and the many systems he left in place.

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