Woman charged for murder of her two children

Woman charged for murder of her two children

Twenty-one year old Awena Rutherford had a blank look on her face as she appeared at the Vigilance Magistrates’ Court and was charged for the murder of her two young children, 4-year-old Hodociea and 1-year-old Jabari.

The woman was not required to enter a plea. The two young children were fed poison allegedly by their own mother. They died as doctors battled to save their lives.

Rutherford was unrepresented in court as she answered the murder charges for the March 27 death of the two children.

The woman was hospitalised for two weeks after it was suspected that she may have also ingested a poisonous substance. Relatives are still shocked over the murder of the two children and believe that an effort by the father of the children to have them migrate to the United States to live with him, may have triggered the double murder.

Relatives have also said the woman had no known mental health issue. She will return to court later this month for the continuation of the case.


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