Guyana continues to take Venezuela’s acts of aggression very seriously -Pres. Ali

Guyana continues to take Venezuela’s acts of aggression very seriously -Pres. Ali

With new reports, backed up with satellite images, about Venezuela’s ongoing build up of military equipment near the Guyana border, President Irfaan Ali today declared that Guyana is monitoring the situation and continues to take the acts of aggression from neighbouring Venezuela very seriously.

The United States Government last week said based on its assessment, the build up of the Venezuelan military in an area close to the border with Guyana is small in size and scope.

In an interview today with the American TV network, Bloomberg Business, President Irfaan Ali said the situation is not being taken for granted.

“We believe that any threat of our territorial integrity, any threats on our borders must be taken seriously and that is what we are doing, we are taking this very seriously. We are working with Venezuela now and through CARICOM to ensure that this does not escalate, because our primary focus is to ensure that the region remain stable and peaceful,” the President stated.

The President said Guyana will continue to do everything to secure its territorial integrity and is in constant contact with its regional and international partners in relation to the controversy. 

He said Guyana also continues to monitor what is happening on the country’s borders.

“In our assessment, there is a lot of assessment on Venezuela on their capacity and capability and what is driving this claim but for us, it is a threat and we are taking it seriously and we are ensuring that we do everything to secure and protect the territorial space in Guyana,” the President said.

The President also assured investors that there is nothing to be worried about, since Guyana is sure about its borders and its case before the International Court of Justice. 

He issued a call on Venezuela to fully participate in the process and show its will to respect international law. 

Back in December, President Ali met in St. Vincent with the Venezuelan President for talks on a number of issues, including the need for peace in the region. The talks produced the Argyle Declaration, which essentially, saw the two countries committing to maintaining peace and staying away from any action that could aggravate the already tense situation.

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