No January 1st football for Linden -GFF

No January 1st football for Linden  -GFF

Upon granting the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA) the permission to host its GT Beer Knock out tournament, the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has instructed that the Finals cannot be held on New Year’s Day (January 1).

The UDFA partnered with Banks DIH under its newly launched beer to stage a return of year-end football to the place it all begun and had hoped to stage its finals on January 1 which is same day as the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) Banks Beer tournament Finals.

“The GFF feels that it would be unfair to both tournaments because they share the same sponsor” said GFF President Christopher Matthias while speaking exclusively to News Source.

“Both tournaments are sponsored by Banks DIH and it wouldn’t be ethical for us to approve the finals being played on the same dates. The days we told them would be problem, except the finals” Matthias said.

But his words just might fall to deaf ears as people of Linden are adamant that its finals will be held on January 1, regardless of the GFF’s decision and when contacted, UDFA President, Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon said it’s something they will have to address seriously with the Federation.

“The thing is, they wrote us and we responded asking them why and also stated why we want too or will be playing on January 1 and we are awaiting an official response as soon as possible. I think that the people of Linden would be glad to know why they can’t have their finals on the same day as Georgetown” Solomon said.

As word spread of the GFF’s decision, Lindeners began to sound their as a crowd gathered in the VIP area of the Mackenzie Sports Club ground as one business man told this reporter “we want the people at the GFF to know that we really don’t care what they are saying.We will be turning up here on New Year’s Day for football and they can do whatever they want after. Georgetown finals has nothing to do with Linden and as a matter of fact is we started this football”

Some flocked Matthias who was present in Linden last Wednesday evening for the opening of the UDFA’s tournament, requesting that he reconsider his Federation’s position for the sake of peace as they threaten to have their game regardless.

“I understand what this means to the people of Linden at this time and how passionate they are but I hope they understand what the position of the GFF is. We love the fact that they are excited about this happening but we have to also make sure that the sponsors are being protected” said Matthias.

Several football lovers say they are disappointed in the leadership of the UDFA being provided by Solomon especially since the association’s decision to choose Banks DIH as the official sponsor over Ansa McAL may have backfired on the association and its plans to have football return to Linden on January 1.

Ansa McAl had first approached the UDFA about hosting a year end tournament for the football clubs in Linden with the finals to take place on January 1. However, the UDFA also approached Banks DIH and was able to secure a better sponsorship deal, sidelining Ansa McAl and its plans in the process. Several Lindeners are now crying foul on the decision of the UDFA.

The Kashif and Shanghai Organisation is already hosting the finals of its school boy’s tournament at the National Stadium on January 1, 2014.



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