Cyber Crime case against Sherod Duncan dismissed

Cyber Crime case against Sherod Duncan dismissed

Opposition Member of Parliament Sherod Duncan was freed today of a cybercrime charge which was filed against him back in January. The charge accused him of using a computer system to humiliate and cause embarrassment to Aneal Giddings of the Guyana Elections Commission.

The trial was conducted by Magistrate Judy Latchman, with Police Legal Advisor, Attorney Mandel Moore leading the Prosecution.

MP Duncan was represented by Attorneys Nigel Hughes, Narissa Leander and Iyanna Butts.

At the close of the prosecution’s case, the Defence argued that the Prosecution did not lead sufficient evidence for Mr. Duncan to be called upon to lead a Defence.

After considering both written and oral arguments on behalf of the Prosecution and Defence, the Magistrate upheld the No Case Submission made by the Defence and dismissed the matter against Mr. Duncan.

The Government has been accused of using the cyber crime laws to silence members of the political opposition.

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