GDF Officer shot dead during robbery in North Ruimveldt; Car stolen

GDF Officer shot dead during robbery in North Ruimveldt; Car stolen

A Lieutenant Coast Guard in the Guyana Defence Force, who served as the special assistant to the recently retired Chief of Staff, lost his life late last night after he was gunned down during a robbery in Culdesac Street, North Ruimveldt area.

33-year-old Rondel Douglas, was left to die in the street after putting up a fight against his attackers, in his failed attempt to stop them from stealing his car.

Emergency services were summoned by persons in the area, but the military officer was pronounced dead at the scene.

Douglas was using his private car to provide taxi services when he was attacked and killed.

According to reports, he was hired by a young man at a taxi base on the West Bank of Demerara to be taken to the North Ruimveldt area.

Just after arriving in the area, Douglas was attacked by the man and an accomplice who walked up to the car.

The entire incident was captured on a nearby surveillance camera. The off-duty military officer could be seen putting up a fight against the two men, but after he made his way out of the car as they fought, he was shot twice.

His killers then made off with his motorcar, leaving him to die in the street. The Police said he was a licensed firearm holder.

Shocked family members and friends have paid tribute to the fallen solider on social media. His wife described the father of one as loving and caring.

In a Facebook post, the wife Kandi McLean said “he has been my constant throughout the years, my friend my soldier my guy my love. And even when things weren’t peaches and pie, he’d look me in my eyes and say…Candy I’m not going anywhere I’m in for the long haul, we took a vow and till death do us part”.

Some colleagues in the Guyana Defence Force described the young officer as someone who was very disciplined and good at his work. They described him as an excellent officer who always performed well.

Police investigators have launched a probe of the incident, as a search also continues for the dead officer’s stolen car.

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