Prison Officer busted with weed in underwear

Prison Officer busted with weed in underwear

A prison officer attached to the Lusignan Prison might soon find himself among the same prisoners he was hired to watch.

The Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels, this morning announced that a young prison officer was arrested at 6:45 this morning with 70 grams of marijuana hidden in his underwear.

The man who has been on the job for just eight months was arrested as he was reporting for duty.

He reportedly told his superiors that he felt pressured by an inmate’s repeated request to traffic marijuana into the prison for him.

According to the Director of Prisons, the officer said he would like to warn other officers to make use of the systems in place to report such issues so that they can get the needed help.

Mr. Samuels said “the Prison administration will continue the efforts to have all such persons outfitted with the uniform of our inmate population”.

Charges are to be filed against the officer in the new week. He remains in custody.

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