Prison Officer busted taking weed into Camp St. Jail

Prison Officer busted taking weed into Camp St. Jail

A young Prison Officer attached to the Camp Street Jail has been taken into custody and will face possible charges before the end of the week after he was busted trying to take marijuana and cigarettes into the Camp Street Jail.

News Source understands that the incident took place late Tuesday and the discovery was made by other prison officers. The young man believed to be in his mid 20’s was immediately handed over to the Police along with the evidence and details of the discovery. It is believed that he may have been smuggling banned items into the jailhouse for months.

Sources close to the investigation have told News Source that he had put together a scheme with some of the prisoners. He would sell the items to them for large sums of cash.

News Source understands that he has been working at the Georgetown Prisons for just over a year.

There have been several instances of banned items including cellphones, cigarettes, marijuana and cocaine being smuggled into the jailhouse. The Prison Service has been looking to crack down on problem.

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