APNU+AFC is party of the “old boys club” fixated on power -Clinton Urling

"What we see over there is an old boy's club with men fixated on acquiring power with women just as an after thought", Urling said.

APNU+AFC is party of the “old boys club” fixated on power  -Clinton Urling

Businessman and new candidate for the People’s Progressive Party, Clinton Urling, has blasted the APNU+AFC coalition as nothing more than “an old boy’s club” with men fixated on power.

Urling was at the time speaking at a poorly attended street corner public meeting in South Ruimveldt on Tuesday evening.

He repeatedly defended his decision to campaign for the PPP Civic since he said he remains convinced that the PPP is the party of the future and the one that has women and youth issues at the top of its agenda.

“What we see over there is an old boy’s club with men fixated on acquiring power with women just as an after thought”, Urling said.

He argued that the PPP is the better party to look into the interests of women in Guyana.

Urling’s statement came on the same day that a recording was released of a fellow PPP Candidate, Minister of Health Bheri Ramsarran, verbally abusing women’s right activist Sherlina Nageer by calling her a “piece of sh%t” and saying he would slap her and have her stripped for disrupting a road side interview he was giving to reporters in Berbice.

Mr. Urling told the South Ruimveldt meeting that led by the Prime Ministerial Candidate, Elisabeth Harper, the PPP offered a diverse list which reflects its strong base of women support from across the country and the party’s deep commitment to women and women’s issues.

He also touched on the economic state of Guyana under the PPP and said the party has had to clean up the “mess” it inherited when it took office in 1992.

Urling who has not been involved in active politics until two weeks ago, said the PPP is the party that rescued Guyana from financial disaster. He said under the PPP there has been increased spending power and a more stable economic climate.

“Our mission now is to take Guyana to the next level. A level where we get closer to being a highly developed country and to do this, it would require more sound policies and innovations”.

He said the recently established National Economic Council which is headed by former President Bharrat Jagdeo, will lead the economic charge for the PPP government as the former President is supported by an economic team of PPP members.

The young businessman said if Guyanese want to ensure development and growth, then they should solidly join him in supporting the People’s Progressive Party.


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