83-year-old British Guyanese man shot 5 times and robbed just after arriving in Guyana

An Eighty-three year old Guyanese man who has been living in London for five decades was shot five times to his body as bandits attacked him just after his arrival in Guyana.

83-year-old British Guyanese man shot 5 times and robbed just after arriving in Guyana

An 83-year-old British Guyanese man was rushed into surgery at a private hospital in Georgetown after he was shot five times to his body and robbed just after arriving in Guyana.

The incident occurred just before 10 o’ clock on Tuesday morning in Shirley Field Ridley Square in South Georgetown. The man has been identified as Glendon Cadagon of London. He has lived in the United Kingdom for fifty years.

According to his sister, Gloria Davids, she was at her front door when the taxi that collected her brother at the airport, turned into the street. She said as she stepped indoors to prepare his welcome, she heard multiple gunshots and screams from her neighbour.

“All I hear my neighbour screaming and these gunshots and the neighbour saying they shooting he, they shooting he”, the woman said.

Ms. Davids said when she rushed back to the door, she saw her brother, who she described as strong for his age, just standing still as two men jumped into a waiting black car which sped off from the scene.

She explained that her brother, though traumatized, was able to walk to the car with assistance and was taken to the hospital where doctors rushed him into emergency surgery. She said he sustained three shots to his chest, one to his stomach and the fifth to one of his hands.

“The doctors said that one of the bullets is close to his heart but they are trying their best to ensure he survives”, the worried sister recounted.

She explained that her brother had just arrived in the country for a vacation when the incident occurred and it has left her uneasy and confused.

The robbers made off with a backpack that the man was carrying which reportedly contained his travel and other documents and money.

Ms. Davids told News Source that the gunmen may have gotten information about her brother’s arrival and were waiting for him since persons in the area recalled that the black car which they used to getaway, had been in the area for a while.

The Guyana Police Force has launched a full investigation. There have been several instances of visitors and returning Guyanese being attacked and robbed just after arriving in the country.

Concern has been expressed about whether there may be persons at the airport leaking the addresses of arriving Guyanese to criminals who would await their arrival in the city.

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