Vanessa Kissoon and other women charged for heckling PPP meeting

Vanessa Kissoon and other women charged for heckling PPP meeting

Former Member of Parliament for A Partnership for National Unity, Vanessa Kissoon and four other Linden women were on Tuesday charged for provoking a breach of the peace after they heckled and protested at a public meeting of the People’s Progressive Party in the bauxite mining town of Linden.

The incident reportedly took place last Tuesday but the charges were only laid against the five women this week and Kissoon believes the charges against her were fueled by reports in some sections of the media that she was arrested at the public meeting. Those reports turned out to be false.

Kissoon and the other women will make their next court appearance on May 6 which would be five days before national elections. The PPP has been hosting small public meetings in the mining town of Linden where it has very little support. Government Ministers and party members have also been using the one tv station in the community which is owned by the state to carry out their political campaigning. Opposition members have not been allowed equal access on the NCN Linden airwaves.

In a statement after the charges were instituted against her, Kissoon who is campaigning for the APNU+AFC coalition in Region 10 said “the struggle for justice in Guyana continues to free the people of Guyana and particularly Linden/Region 10, which is under siege from police excesses and a police state that Guyana has become over the last few years”.

She said nowhere in the PPP opposition history would “this police harassment have been allowed without far reaching consequences for the image of the government”.

Filed: 1st April, 2015

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