45-year-old man shot dead by Police after arrest; OPR investigating

45-year-old man shot dead by Police after arrest; OPR investigating

A 45-year-old man who was arrested by the Police on suspicion of being involved in a robbery has died after he shot while in Police custody.

A police report said Peter Headley of Kitty, Georgetown and another man were intercepted on Saturday night at Nandy Park, East Bank Demerara in a car that was being driven Headley.

The Police claimed that there was a television set in the car that the Police suspected was stolen during a robbery four nights earlier.

The two men were arrested, with Headley being placed in the front passenger seat of his car while the other man was placed in a Police vehicle.

Two Police Officers joined Headley in his car, one taking over the driver’s seat while the other rank sat in the back.

The Police claimed that while the vehicle was being driven to the Providence station by the Policeman with the suspect (Headley) next to him and another Policeman in the back, the suspect was seen reaching under the seat and pulling out what appeared to be a firearm.

The Police Officer seated in the back shot the Headley, who was then taken to the Diamond Hospital where he died while Doctors rushed emergency care.

The Guyana Police Force’s statement did not state that any firearm was discovered in the vehicle and the same report also stated that the vehicle was searched by the Police prior to the two officers joining it along with the suspect.

The Guyana Police Force has indicated that the matter is now under probe by its Office of Professional Responsibility.

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