Ali eyes wins across all municipalities in Monday’s Local Government Elections

Ali eyes wins across all municipalities in Monday’s Local Government Elections

As he praised his government for advancing development in the areas of Health, Education and Infrastructure, President Irfaan Ali on Tuesday told the people of Anna Regina that those who have crossed over to the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) have faced their demons, and are now moving on.

While serenading supporters, the President said it was time for a change across the country as he paid tribute to the new supporters of his party.

“Yes, my friends, they should know that when you make the decision to support the PPP, you are confronting your demons, you are confronting your ghosts, you have dealt with your past, and you have faced the ruins of that demon, and that ghost and that past, and you are finally contented yourself that you are walking away from that past, and you have no regret as you go into the future with the People’s Progressive Party,” President Ali said.

Ali said it is refreshing to see new supporters being attracted to his party, adding that he believes that new support is as a result of his party’s plans and agenda.

As he lobbied the people of Anna Regina to continue to support the PPP/C, President Ali said the local elections are critical to the continuation of development at the local level.

“We have seen in many communities, where the opposition controls the Local Government or where they control the machinery, how they stymie development and how they hinder progress in those communities. Therefore, it is extremely important, that all of you come out in your numbers, and secure People’s Progressive Party/Civic’s victory at these Local Government Elections,” the President said.

While accusing the main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – of stymieing the development of the country, President Ali boasted that in less than three years in Office, his administration has awarded more than 1,000 scholarships to the people of Region Two, while intensifying training in a number of areas.

He said the Government has a number of development plans for the Anna Regina community.

“In this region, we are building a new regional hospital. We have identified the gaps at the Suddie Hospital, and we are working with international consultants to fill those gaps, so the level of service in this region could continue to be improved,” he said.

The PPP Civic has always enjoyed solid support in the town of Anna Regina. (Svetlana Marshall)

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