AFC urges voters to withhold support from PPP in upcoming LGE

AFC urges voters to withhold support from PPP in upcoming LGE

While choosing to stay away from this year’s Local Government Elections, the Alliance For Change continues to pay keen attention to the contest, and is now urging voters not to support the PPP.

Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan has issued a call on the villages and towns that are usually big supporters of the governing PPP to withhold support from the party in the Local Government Elections.

During the party’s ‘Alliance on the Move,’ television programme, Mr. Ramjattan said the AFC has been receiving complaints of the hardship being faced by citizens across the country, due to the rising cost of living and the high rates of unemployment and underemployment. He said as Central Government, the PPP has failed to address many of those issues.

“I have indicated to them, in view of what you are now feeling, the harshness of the PPP, in your back and in your belly, it is important that you do not turn up for that Local Government Elections, in those Port Mourant areas, Albion areas, the Skeldon, No. 52 to No. 74, and I am pleading with them, you have to tell the PPP, that we are vex with you, and the one thing that the PPP will know and draw as a lesson that indeed, the people are vex, is when the people show them we ain’t turning up for this Local Government Election,” the AFC Leader said.

AFC Member of Parliament, Juretha Fernandes said President Irfaan Ali and his Cabinet are going around the country making false promises, while failing to address the substantive issues affecting Guyanese.

“The inflation rate was practically non-existent [under the coalition], so you were able to lift your standard of living as an individual and as a family as compared to now… these are the things that matter, when we talk about bread and butter issue, these are the things that we are taking about, and to have a government come, days before an election to say that they are pushing some substandard work in front of your door step, no. it is not acceptable, not for $781.9B, it is not acceptable,” MP Fernandes said.

She said while the PPP has been boasting of its many plans and programmes, it has been failing to keep its promises, and has failed its own townships and NDCs.

“A lot of times, persons don’t understand that even in Indigenous communities, there is severe discrimination when it comes to PPP. Once, you do not jump, when they say jump, they discriminate against you in that manner,” she said.

The AFC decided months ago that it would not be contesting in this year’s Local Government Elections.

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