Better Hope girl abducted by female security guard

Better Hope girl abducted by female security guard

Police investigators are on the hunt for a female security guard from the Better Hope community on the East Coast of Demerara who they believe may have abducted a 16-year-old girl in the village after a row with the girl’s family.

The young girl Kareshma Rampersaud was last seen last Thursday morning picking flowers to take to the family’s altar as part of their religious practice.

Her father Vijay Rampersaud, told News Source that his daughter has a health condition that makes her “very sick” and he is concerned about her health. “She is a sickly child, it is hard to explain but like sometimes, somethings would interfere with her”, he explained.

He said the day before his daughter’s disappearance he had a disagreement with a security guard at the health centre in the community after he got the woman arrested for stealing money and jewellery from his home. He explained that the money and jewellery was recovered and the security guard was released on station bail.

According to Mr. Rampersaud, he came into contact with the security guard as he walked along the road in the village on Wednesday night and she began to hurl threats at him. He said “the woman look at me and said that I made her pay she money for bail and so she will make my head hurt me now”.

The missing girl’s father said that at the time he did not take the security guard’s threat serious but after realizing that his daughter was missing the following morning, he rushed to the Police station and went over to the woman’s house. He said she managed to run away from the police as they approached the house and has not been seen since.

However, the father claims that the woman has now been making contact with the family demanding money. “She call couple times and demanding that we give her money to get our daughter back since the story is already out and she needs to get out of the country”, he said.

The father further stated that he has not been able to speak to his daughter but the woman claims that the young girl is fine and he should stop all media appearances about the disappearance and remove information about the child from facebook and other websites.

Anyone with information about the missing girl or her alleged abductor is asked to contact the nearest Police station or call the family on telephone number 660-5865.

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