Biker was shot 16 times; suspect still in hiding

Biker was shot 16 times; suspect still in hiding

A post-mortem examination conducted on the body of biker Kirk Davis revealed that the young man died from shock and hemorrhage as a result of gunshot injuries. The report also found that the 30 year old man was shot 16 times to the upper body and all of those shots were fired at close range.

The results of the autopsy appear to corroborate statements from persons who were in the area at the time of the shooting death and who said they saw Davis being shot by a Water Street businessman at close range several times to his body, while sitting in the back of the businessman’s car.

The businessman who is known to Police has not been seen since the incident. However, a woman believed to be the businessman’s wife remains under police guard at a private hospital nursing gunshot wounds. She was reportedly shot by the businessman when he opened fire on Davis.

According to reports, the businessman who was friends with Davis was convinced that his wife and Davis were in a relationship and wanted to confront Davis about it.

News Source understands that Davis who was friends with the businessman, became worried and feared for his life after receiving several threatening calls from the businessman.

When the businessman turned up outside Davis’ Eccles home with his wife in the car to discuss the allegations, Davis did not appear too worried according to one of his friends. He was seen going into the car and a loud argument was heard coming from the silver Toyoto Premio before the businessman was seen exiting the driver’s side of the vehicle and opening the door where Davis was and firing several shots into the young man.

Persons who were in the Eccles area at the time recalled hearing a woman’s voice screaming “Randy, Don’t do it”, just before the businessman murdered the biker.

Investigators believe, the biker’s body was dragged from the car, placed on the road and the businessman fired a number of other shots at it before speeding out of the area.

Kirk Davis  died at the Georgetown Hospital. His relatives are worried that the Police Force has not issued a wanted bulletin for the main suspect as yet although top Police officials admit that they have identified a suspect in the case.

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