Businessman executed in front of South Road tyre shop

Businessman executed in front of South Road tyre shop

Police investigators are probing the brutal execution style killing of Georgetown businessman Randolph Singh aka Randy. The 41-year-old man was gunned down by a lone gunman late on Wednesday night in front of the Airmax Vulcanizing and Tyre shop on South Road.

According to one eyewitness, the incident took place just before 11pm as the businessman stood in front of the business place. The eyewitness said the lone gunman walked up to the businessman and without “uttering a single word”, whipped out a gun and shot Singh several times to his chest and ran away into the dark.

Employees of the 24-hrs vulcanizing shop ran for cover as the gunshots rang out. One employee was reportedly hit to one of his arms by the gunfire.

Singh was pronounced dead after being rushed to the Georgetown Hospital. ¬†Family members have been left in shock over the execution style murder saying that they know of no reason why someone would want Singh dead. ¬†The dead man’s mother in law said that he only returned from New York last week after going there to seek medical attention for an illness. He has left his wife and children to mourn.

Investigators intend to return to the scene of the crime on Thursday to continue their probe.

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