Carol-Ann Lynch wants speedy trial

Carol-Ann Lynch wants speedy trial

Charged for a second time with the death of her husband, former beauty queen and fashion model, Carol-Ann Lynch is asking the courts for a speedy trial.

The widow of cambio dealer Farouk Razak was on Wednesday charged with her husband’s murder for a second time. When she was originally charged in 2007, she was set free by the court that found that there was no evidence against the young woman and a prima facie case had not been made out against her.

When she appeared in court on Wednesday in the company of her attorneys, she was calm and made long strides as she walked pass the flashing cameras that she was accustomed to as a model. Dressed in all black with designer sunglasses, Lynch remained silent in court throughout her arraignment. She was not required to enter a plea.

Her attorneys said that there was no new evidence in the case. Just before turning herself in to police on Tuesday, Lynch in a ┬ástatement said the relaying of the charges against her was a vindictive move as she declared that she played no part in her husband’s death.

Farouk Razak who was named in U.S Court documents as a well-known drug pusher was found dead in the couple’s home. Investigators believe he may have been strangled while in his sleep. His wife always denied knowledge of how he met his death.

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