More eyewitnesses dispel police account of Soesdyke shooting death

More eyewitnesses dispel police account of Soesdyke shooting death

More eyewitnesses are coming forward to dispel the Guyana Police Force’s report that Diamond resident Ryan Couchman was shot by an off duty police officer during a robbery.

One eyewitness who spoke to News Source on the condition of anonymity said Couchman was intoxicated when he was shot multiple times to his body by the policeman.

According to the witness, there was no robbery or robbery attempt. He said Couchman was with a group of friends all Sunday afternoon at the creek outside the Splashmins resort celebrating and consuming alcohol. News Source has been provided with video recording of Couchman dancing and drinking at the same creek hours before he was killed.

The witness also said that Couchman had a paralysed left hand and therefore only had the use of one hand.

“The police is covering up this thing. How could a man with a one hand who is drunk rob you of your jewellery and all of that. What nonsense they trying to say”, the witness said.

Another witness told News Source that Couchman was with a group of friends at the Soesdyke Junction hangout spot when one of his friends got into a fight with the off duty policeman and Couchman sought to intervene.

The witness said an argument began between the off duty cop and another man over their alleged relationship with the same woman and the argument quickly escalated into a fight. He said Couchman was attempting to get the situation under control while backing his friend when the police man went to his car and returned with his firearm. Several shots were fired and Couchman was hit a number of times to his body.

Onlookers quickly placed him in a vehicle and rushed him to the Diamond Hospital where he died.

The off-duty officer reportedly reported to the incident to a police station in the area but told the officers there that he was robbed by Couchman and his friends and defended himself during the robbery.

An investigation has been launched into the incident.


Filed: 6th January, 2015.


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