Fly Jamaica gets all clear for Guyana operations

Fly Jamaica gets all clear for Guyana operations

Jamaican registered carrier Fly Jamaica has been given the green light by the Guyana Government to begin operations out of Guyana to New York and Toronto but the airline will first have to provide a G$40 Million bond before it could begin its service.

Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon on Wednesday made the announcement that the Government had decided to grant permission to the carrier to begin operations here. Caribbean Airlines is currently the only carrier serving the New York market from Guyana. It also serves the Miami and Fort Lauderdale routes.  Surinam Airways only serves the Miami market from Guyana.

Head of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority Zulfikar Mohammed told News Source that the airline has not indicated a start-up date as yet but that will be dependent on the bond being lodged and other documents that the Civil Aviation Authority has requested being provided.

The airline which is owned by a Guyanese national started operations between Jamaica and New York in February of this year and has been pushing for the permission to tap into the Guyana market since then.

The airline is expected to set up an office in Guyana as part of its operations.

One month ago, Delta Airlines wrapped up its service to Guyana after five years, leaving a void in air travel between Guyana and New York. Caribbean Airlines has been increasing the number of its flights to New York from Guyana to meet the demand.

The Government of Guyana has indicated that it plans to begin talks with a number of other international carriers hoping that they will find the Guyana market as an attractive one.

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