Four Killed, Eight Injured in Buck Hall Accident

Four Killed, Eight Injured in Buck Hall Accident

Four persons were killed late Saturday night when a truck transporting miners and shop keepers in the interior location of  Buck Hall in Region 2, rolled down a hill and toppled over.

At least eight persons survived the accident. Many of them jumped from the heavily laden truck as the driver fought to control it as it rolled down the hill.

Among the survivors is 48 year old Wayne Blake who was managing the miners being taken to the mining site. Blake said he was seated just next to the driver when the man encountered problems as the truck climbed the hill at Barama Road. He said earlier, the same truck had faced a similar problem but they continued on with the journey.

Blake told News Source that the driver continued to “mash the brakes” as the truck rolled down the hill but he just could not take control of it. He said while the truck rolled, some of his workers jumped out for their lives in the nick of time as the truck began to topple. When it came to a stop, four persons were spotted pinned under the truck and they were all unresponsive.

They eventually got help for the injured who were rushed to the Georgetown hospital for additional medical attention. Some of the injured have suffered broken bones and doctors were checking for possible internal injuries. The names of those who died have not been released. Family members were being contacted.

Blake said this is not the first time that an accident like the one he escaped from has taken place in the area and on the same hill. He said  there have been a number of recent cases as miners traverse the road to get to their mining camps located close by in the interior area.



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