GECOM to release APNU+AFC’s submitted “evidence” of electoral fraud

GECOM to release APNU+AFC’s submitted “evidence” of electoral fraud

The Guyana Elections Commission has made a decision to release the evidence that was submitted by the APNU+AFC during the last elections which purportedly points to electoral fraud.

The decision of the Elections Commission was supported by the Chairperson and the Government nominated GECOM Commissioners. The Opposition Commissioners were against the release.

In the past weeks, the Chairperson of GECOM has shut down attempts by the Opposition nominated Commissioners to get the Commission to conduct a full review of the last elections.

Days after the Attorney General Anil Nandlall wrote to the GECOM Chair requesting the information that was submitted by the APNU+AFC, the item found its way on the agenda at the last statutory meeting and a decision was made to release the documents.

The Attorney General has indicated that the documents will be shared with the relevant Government agencies to verify the claims.

Opposition officials have said that appears to be an investigation by the AG’s office in a matter that is currently before the Courts.

There are election petition cases still before the Courts and separately a number of GECOM staffers including former senior officials are facing fraud charges.

In his request to be supplied with the information, the Attorney General said he wanted to dispel the continuous claims by the Opposition that votes were cast for persons who were found to be dead and persons who live overseas at the last elections.

While GECOM had accepted the documents, it never conducted any investigation of the claims.

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