GT&T crowns new Guyana Stars

GT&T crowns new Guyana Stars

Gospel singer Ryan Hoppie was crowned the new Guyana Star on Friday while Chutney sensation Bibi Khan was crowned the winner of the Bollywood segment of the GT&T Guyana Star show. The announcement of the two winners brought the curtains down on the over four months of competition that saw over 1400 participants and record numbers of public votes.

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company has described the competition as a success. Company officials have said that the competition serves as a way of the company giving back to the community while at the same time nurturing new talent.

The winner of the Bollywood segment, Bibi Halima Khan said she was pleased though nervous as the results were being announced. Ryan Hoppie reminded his former competitors that they have all benefited from the competition and that the results should be seen as the beginning of the road for all of them.

The two winners have won for themselves a new Toyota motor car, $1 Million in cash and the new Blackberry Z10 smart phone.

English Top 5

Winner  – Ryan Hoppie

2nd Place: Michael Small

3rd Place: Diana Chapman

4th Place: Dorian Obermuller

5th Place: Natasha Yhap


Bollywood Top 5

Winner  –  Bibi Halima Khan

2nd Place: Andy Rambarack

3rd Place: Reshma Persaud

4th Place: Bunty Singh

5th Place: Devchandra Ramrattan


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