Guyana donates “Drug Sub” to US Authorities; hopes to get back info

Guyana donates “Drug Sub” to US Authorities; hopes to get back info

The Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Home Affairs has donated the semi submersible cocaine carrying vessel which was found in Guyana to the US Authorities and is hoping that the United States will share any information it may be able to gather from its own investigations.

The 63 foot long vessel was found abandoned in the Waini River in August of this year during a joint operation by the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit and the Guyana Defence Force.

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee on Monday confirmed that the Government has decided to hand the vessel over to the US authorities even as the investigations locally are ongoing.

Rohee explained to News Source that the donation was based on an agreement that was made between the Government of Guyana and the United States. He said that agreement entailed Guyana sending the semi submersible vessel to the US for the US Authorities to take possession and carry out studies and investigations of their own. The Minister of Home Affairs said he hopes that the US would share its findings with Guyana.  unnamed-9

The vessel is expected to be shipped before the end of the year. It is already at a city wharf awaiting shipment.

Local investigators are convinced that the vessel was built in Guyana and was being used to ferry cocaine and other illegal drugs in and out of Guyana.

In a statement from just after the discovery was made,  the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit said that based on intelligence from an ongoing investigation, officials of the Customs Anti Narcotic Unit and the Guyana Defence Force Special Forces, Coast Guard and Air Corps conducted an operation along the Waini River in the North West District and during a search of one of the creeks branching off from the Waini, a blue vessel (later identified as a SPSS) was discovered about 2 miles in, along with a camp consisting of 3 structures – accommodation, workshop area and generator.

The statement also said that the accommodation had the capacity to sleep approximately 12 persons, there was also a kitchen area located within the accommodation. “The workshop consisted of pulleys, power tools, paint, and several fiber glass materials.  Based on the items present, it is evident that this area was used to build the SPSS found in the creek”.

The SPSS upon closer inspection was already fitted with a diesel engine and steering wheel, navigation and other machinery to deem it serviceable.  There was no contraband on board the SPSS.

A number of local persons including a businessman was questioned about the vessel but no one was charged.


Filed: 2nd December 2014.

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