Guyana woman busted with cocaine in milk tins and flour bags at JFK

Guyana woman busted with cocaine in milk tins and flour bags at JFK

Drug pushers in Guyana are continuing their efforts to get the illegal drug out of Guyana and on the American market. Last Thursday, November 27, 2014 another Guyanese woman was busted with cocaine in her suitcases after arriving at New York’s JFK Airport from Guyana.

The woman has been identified as Guyanese, Melissa Cox. She was busted at the JFK Airport with just over 28 pounds of cocaine stashed in Fernleaf milk tins and in Chappati flour bags.

According to US Special Agent James Mundy, the woman was approached by Customs Agents and asked to identify her suitcases. She identified the two suitcases and told the agents that the suitcases and all of their contents belonged to her.

When agents opened the suitcases, they found the milk tins and the flour bags, both with a white powdery substance. The substance was tested and found to be positive as cocaine.

Both suitcases contained the illegal substance in the milk tins and flour bags. During an interview, the woman told the agents that she knew her suitcases  contained the cocaine and she was expected to meet someone in the US to uplift the illegal substance.

Two weeks ago, three other passengers who arrived at JFK from Guyana were busted with cocaine. One man had the cocaine hidden in rum bottles while two women were busted after arriving on separate flights. One of the women had the cocaine hidden in a number of hardcover books while the other woman, had her stash in bags hidden in her suitcase.

The recent drug busts in the US has raised questions once again about security at the Cheddi Jagan Airport.

Filed: 2nd December 2014

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