Guyanese fishermen die in Tortola after being swept out at sea

Guyanese fishermen die in Tortola after being swept out at sea

(BVI News Online)  One of two fishermen who were swept away while fishing on the northern side of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands has been found dead.

The search continues for the second man who disappeared beneath water on Sunday, December 8.

Persons close to the missing men have identified them as Roger Fraser and Kendeye Thomas. They are both natives of Guyana and residents of Long Bush on Tortola.

Their relatives have been informed about the incident in which they were involved.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force is yet to give details, but its Information Officer Diane Drayton yesterday reported that the incident took place “off Cooper Bay”.

In an interview with BVI News Online this morning, Phil Aspinall of the Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR) disclosed that the search for the men had resumed.

He added that the US Coast Guard has been contacted and will assist the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force with a helicopter.

“The police are still searching, and we have the (US) Coast Guard coming to assist with a helicopter.”

Aspinall yesterday stated that an earlier search and rescue operation conducted between 12:30 and 5 o’ clock on Sunday afternoon was unsuccessful. He also noted that it was eventually called off due to nightfall.

Aspinall, at the time, also indicated that third fisherman, who was left standing, appeared as though he was not very familiar with the two who were swept away from the rocks.

New details however reaching BVI News Online are that all three men are residents of Long Bush. They reportedly left their community together to fish at Trunk Bay on the northern side of Tortola.

While they were fishing, a huge wave reportedly swept one of the Guyanese from the rocks.

He tried to return to land with the assistance of the other Guyanese, but another huge wave appeared and reportedly washed both men away.

VISAR, along with members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force are still searching for the missing man.  (

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