Man takes away policeman’s gun, shoots neighbour then kills himself

Man takes away policeman’s gun, shoots neighbour then kills himself

A Prospect man is dead after shooting himself to the head and his neighbour is nursing a gunshot wound in a strange story about an argument that became deadly when the police were called in and the policeman lost control of his firearm.

The dead man has been identified as 46-year-old taxi driver Samuel La Fleur while the injured neighbour has been identified as Onika Lyttle.

According to a police report, just after 2pm on Sunday afternoon,  a Policeman was at Prospect, on the East Bank of Demerara, conducting investigations into a report of threatening behavior involving La Fleur and his mother.

The policeman was attacked by LaFleur and the man was able to take away his firearm.

“Samuel La Fleur went to a neighbouring residence that is occupied by a man with whom he had an earlier misunderstanding and discharged rounds at the building, hitting Onika Lyttle, 32 years, to her right shoulder”. the police report said.

The taxi driver then shot himself to his head. He was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where he succumbed while receiving medical treatment.

According  to the police, a quantity of cannabis sativa (marijuana), a smoking utensil and a medical syringe were found in the room that was occupied by Samuel La Fleur at his house. Investigators believe he may have been heavily drugged at the time.

The injured neighbour was taken to the Georgetown Hospital where she was admitted.


Filed:  30th November, 2014

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