Nigel’s Supermarket owner’s son shot outside night spot

Nigel’s Supermarket owner’s son shot outside night spot

The 17-year-old son of the owner of Nigel’s Supermarket is fighting for his life as he remains critical in a city hospital after being shot to the face early Saturday morning outside the Palm Court Night Spot on Main Street in Georgetown.

The teen has been identified as Joseph Johnson. Reports state that he was standing outside of the night spot with a group of friends when he was shot to the face.

His assailant is believed to be a young events organiser and promoter. Police sources say an investigation has been launched into the incident and that the man who fired the shot is a licensed firearm holder who reportedly claims that he had opened fire behind a man who was breaking into a car when one of the bullets struck Johnson who was standing nearby.

Other persons who were in the area have been telling a different story, claiming that the firearm holder who appeared intoxicated, walked out of the nightspot and began firing his weapon indiscriminately. One of the bullets struck the 17-year-old who was standing close  by. A police investigation has started.


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