Over 2800 cases of Dengue and 2 related deaths confirmed since start of this year

Over 2800 cases of Dengue and 2 related deaths confirmed since start of this year

The Ministry of Health is warning persons about having their surroundings in a state that could encourage the breeding of mosquitoes as cases of dengue in the country continue to rise. Dengue is a mosquito borne virus.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony revealed today that since the start of this year, Guyana has recorded a total of 2,852 cases of the dengue virus. He said more than 11,000 tests were done and two deaths from the dengue virus have been recorded so far for this year.

“Of those persons who have tested positive, we have seen 265 of them needing some form of hospitalisation and we have so far for the year, we have had two deaths resulting from dengue. The affected Regions are Regions 4, 2, 10, 6. 9, and 1…since it a mosquito borne infection, the way to prevent transmission is to ensure we kill the mosquito”, he said.

The Minister explained that the Ministry of Health has already intensified fogging in all of the Regions and there will be increased fogging exercises.

“Our teams would generally go out in the evenings to do the fogging, and early in the mornings and right now we have various teams in the country doing this”, Minister Anthony said.

He also explained that there are four types of the dengue virus and being diagnosed with one type, does not make a person immune to the other three types.

The Minister also explained that the symptoms can range from a fever and a headache to vomiting and the passing of blood in urine or faeces.

There could also be lost in appetite and internal bleeding. The Ministry of Health is encouraging persons who may exhibit symptoms of dengue to visit a health care center or a hospital urgently.

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