PNC Reform to begin preparations for Party Congress soon

PNC Reform to begin preparations for Party Congress soon

General Secretary of the People’s National Congress Reform, (PNC/R) Dawn Hastings- Williams, had confirmed to News Source that the leadership of the party will soon begin discussions to host the party’s biennial delegates congress to elect a new leadership.

However, she indicated that the party will first hold its long-overdue General Council meeting.

The party’s Congress is due in December, and its General Council is due once every quarter.

The General Council is the party’s second highest decision-making body.

With speculation that the party is planning to delay its Congress until next year, the party General Secretary said plans will begin soon for the Congress to be held, but she could not indicate a date.

“The party will be having its congress and General Council meeting. We have already had some talks and we will continue to engage with the leadership of the party to host our General Council and Congress soon,” the party GS told News Source.

The party’s Constitution states that “The supreme authority of the Party shall be the Biennial Delegates Congress, which shall be held at such time and place every two (2) years as the General Council or the Central Executive Committee may decide. For the avoidance of doubt, the supremacy of the Congress means that the Congress has the right to review or to order a review of and decision taken by any other forum, organ or committee of the Party.”

Questioned whether the party intends to uphold the Constituional provision, Hastings assured, that all systems will be put in place to ensure the smooth and successful holding of the party’s congress and General Council.

“We have our Congress which is due in December, but we will be having our General Council meeting. I cannot give you a date yet when that General Council will be held but we are planning it. We are also working to hold the congress by its due that but I cannot say more about that just yet,” Hastings Williams pointed told News Source.

Meanwhile, party members have been agitating for the party to host its long-overdue General Council. The party in a press conference in June admitted that its Local Government fortunes could have been better if there was a General Council before the Elections.

Leadership Challenge

With the party congress on the horizon, News Source understands that several party members are gearing up to challenging incumbent leader Aubrey Norton for the position of Leader.

During an interview on Mark Benschop’s Straight Up Talk Show, Opposition Member of Parliament, Roysdale Forde said once he is nominated for the position of Leader, he will accept the nomination to contest the position.

Forde is said to be preparing to launch his campaign for the position soon and has been seen in communities and on the ground meeting with party members in recent weeks.

Opposition Member of Parliament, Amanza Walton- Desir, is also said to be interested in a top party position.

The Congress is also expected to see the return of several long-standing members of the party including Simona Broomes, who has been having conversations with close allies regarding her political future.

In the last two years, there have been growing discontent among party members about Mr. Norton’s leadership, but he has also managed reign in some younger members of the party to support his vision.

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