Police to be transferred following Corentyne protests

Police to be transferred following Corentyne protests

Scores of residents of #48 village in Corentyne blocked the main roads on Sunday night to protest the worsening crime problem in the Berbice area.

The move by the residents came moments after there was another armed robbery in the community. The residents complained about the Police not doing enough to fight off criminals in the area. Some of the protesting residents said they believe that the police may have been involved in some of the robberies being committed in the area.

The protests continued for a number of hours until the Police eventually convinced residents to remove the road blocks and allow traffic to flow freely.

By Monday morning, the Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee announced that he has asked for a full probe into the concerns of the Corentyne residents and for all of the police officers at the station in the area to be transferred.

The Commissioner of Police was informed of the residents complaints and an investigation has been launched into the matter. The Police Force has admitted an increase in criminal activities across the country and not just in the Berbice area. Last year saw a 7% increase in violent crimes and murders. Additionally many of the cases remain unsolved mysteries.

There have been calls by the Opposition for the Home Affairs Minister to step down from office. Back in 2012, the National Assembly passed a no confidence motion in the Minister but the President said he still had confidence in him and the job that he has been doing.


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