PPP and APNU+AFC haggle over consultations; Opposition Leader receives requested CVs

PPP and APNU+AFC haggle over consultations; Opposition Leader receives requested CVs

The Leader of the Opposition has received the curriculum vitae for several of the persons who have been nominated to serve on various constitutional commissions.

The CVs were requested by the Opposition Leader last week during his first meeting with the President on the Constitutional appointments.

But even with the stage being set for the next meeting, there appears to be a tussle between the Government and the Opposition over last week’s discussions.

Opposition Member of Parliament, Roysdale Forde told a press conference on Tuesday that the consultation process must be meaningful.

He detailed that before the meeting with the President, the Opposition Leader was back and forth requesting specific information in order to be prepared for the meeting, but the information provided was inadequate.

“Article 232 (b) of the constitution also requires that adequate time and information be given for the party being consulted to respond. The party providing the information is also required to provide all the materials and the grounds on which the specific recommendations were made,” Forde pointed out.

He explained that that process was not followed and therefore that first meeting was unproductive.

“The constitution contemplates by its definition of consultations and meaningful consultation, that there will be full, effective, and genuine consultation as opposed to formal and unproductive engagements,” Forde said.

In a statement today, the People’s Progressive Party accused the Opposition of changing its position since the issuance of the joint statement between the two parties.

The PPP said the Opposition received the information requested and was privy to the agenda.

According to the PPP, within an hour of the meeting, the Opposition moved from claiming that the engagement was not in accordance with the requirements of “meaningful consultation” because necessary material was not handed over, to admitting that the additional information and documents requested were received”.

The PPP said it was the Opposition that was not prepared.

The two sides are scheduled to meet soon to continue consultations.

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