PPP will view APNU+AFC as undemocratic government if recounts not done

PPP will view APNU+AFC as undemocratic government if recounts not done

The People’s Progressive Party on Friday continued its claim that the 2015 general elections were “fraudulent” and therefore there should be a recount of all the ballots cast, or at least those in Region #4.

He contends that the elections were “seriously flawed” and enough to change the outcome.

At a Freedom House press conference, President Donald Ramotar said he and a team from his party met with GECOM this morning to reveal several discrepancies between the statements of polls from its agents and the preliminary results that were announced by the Commission.

The President claims that the PPP has found itself picking up votes in its statements of polls and that varies from figures released by the Elections Commission. The party now wants GECOM to recount all of the ballot boxes in Region 4 at least, while it still wishes for a national total recount.

The PPP has now asked GECOM to put a hold on the release of further preliminary results and the declaration of the final results which would pave the way for a Granger presidency.

Mr. Ramotar said if the PPP’s requests are not met and the Commission goes ahead and declares the APNU+AFC as winners of the elections, then the coalition will be forming a government that it believes would be undemocratic.

He said he has provided GECOM with all the evidence needed to address the party’s concerns.

Local and International Observers and the American, British and Canadian governments have all endorsed the 2015 elections as free, fair and credible.

The President was flanked by his Prime Ministerial Candidate Elisabeth Harper and candidates Robeson Benn, Pauline Sukhai, Anil Nandlall and Dr. Leslie Ramsammy.

The President said at the current stage, he still does not plan to concede the elections, but even as he refuses to do so, a number of his Ministers have already cleaned out their offices, returned their vehicles and have conceded. Questioned about that, the President said, he prefers to deal with the GECOM related issues now and deal with the Ministers who have conceded at another time.

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