President undecided on Top Cop replacement

President undecided on Top Cop replacement

As Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell gets ready to leave office in a few months, President Donald Ramotar has indicated that he is still to decide on who will take over the charge of the Guyana Police Force when Brumell leaves.

At a recent press conference, the President said he has not narrowed down the field as yet in the search for a new top cop. News Source understands that the issue is one that the office of the president is paying close attention to.

It is believed that Deputy Police Commissioner and Crime Chief Seelal Persaud is the leading candidate for the job. The President would not confirm or deny those reports.

Persaud has served as the Crime Chief for several years. Though he is well-respected by many Police officers, there is the concern that as Crime Chief he was unable to come up with comprehensive responses to the crime situation in the country. The Guyana Police Force reported that crime has been on a steady increase over the past year. At the end of 2013, violent crimes and murders all saw increases.

It is unclear whether the Leader of the Opposition will throw their full support behind the appointment of Seelall Persaud. The Opposition parties have been pressing the Government and the Police Force to come up with better responses to fight the ongoing crime problem.

If Persaud lands the Police Commissioner job, several transfers and reassignment of senior police officers will be expected. There are reports that Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine who is well respected in the Police Force, could find himself as the new Crime Chief.

Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell has indicated that when its time for him to go, he will pack up and leave.

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