Prisoner stabbed to death in Lusignan jail

Prisoner stabbed to death in Lusignan jail

A row between two prisoners at the Lusignan jail turned deadly on Saturday when one of the prisoners, Anthony Prince was stabbed to death by another prisoner, who has been identified as Shamar David.

In a statement, the Prison Service explained that on Saturday afternoon, the men were making jokes about each other’s girlfriends when that teasing turned violent.

The Prison Service said prisoner Shamar Davis used a piece of a mop stick and stabbed prisoner Anthony Prince to his neck.

The injured prisoner was seen by a nurse on duty and rushed to the Georgetown Hospital, where he died while receiving treatment.

The suspect has been separated from the general population and is expected to face murder charges. The suspect was in prison on a robbery charge, while the murdered prisoner was also serving time on a number of robbery charges.

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