Recaptured prisoners sentenced to 2 years in jail

Recaptured prisoners sentenced to 2 years in jail

The two prisoners who were recaptured after escaping from the lock ups at the Georgetown Magistrates Court have been sentenced to two years in jail each.

A city Magistrate handed down the sentence on Wednesday after the two pleaded guilty to escaping from lawful custody. The two prisoners, Randolph Marks and Steve Bacchus were both facing murder charges in the court when they joined two other prisoners on Monday and bolted from the holding facility at the downtown courthouse.

Bacchus was recaptured less than an hour after his escape while Marks was nabbed in the early hours of Tuesday morning hiding under a bed in his mother’s Freeman Street house. One of the other escapees, Vickram Persaud was shot dead by police in what police described as a shoot out with him in Berbice. He was also facing a murder charge.

The fourth escapee who remains on the  run has been identified as Keron Cummings. He was facing robbery charges and has not been seen since his escape.

The midday escape  by the four men raised several security questions at the Magistrates’ Court which was reopened just two months ago after over two years of rehabilitation works.

The men reportedly  cut through the meshed ventilation area in the cell and made their escape. Moves have since been made to make the holding facility more secured.



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