Six blocks of allocated lands in Great Diamond and Golden Grove to be made available by year end

Six blocks of allocated lands in Great Diamond and Golden Grove to be made available by year end

The Ministry of Housing has announced persons who were allocated house lots at six blocks in Great Diamond and Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara will be able to access their lands by the end of the year.

Over $17 billion in infrastructure works are being carried out in the areas. The works included land clearing, the construction of access roads and culverts and installation of pipe networks. Over 5000 persons in various income brackets will be able to access their lands.

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal recently visited Great Diamond Blocks 1, 3 and 5, where more than half of the work in the areas has been completed, paving the way for the commencement of the lot identification. The remaining allottees can expect access early in the new year.

However, regarding Great Diamond Block 7 (five lots), the Minister expressed dissatisfaction with the sluggish work of contractors, as works are slated to be completed by the of the year.

While acknowledging initial challenges such as swamped lands and poor access, Minister Croal emphasized that these obstacles were addressed and contractors behind the deadline will be held accountable.

Meanwhile at Golden Grove Block 9, allottees are also poised to gain access to their land by year-end, with most preparatory works finalized, requiring only a few finishing touches on the road network, the Ministry of Housing said.

The ongoing works at Golden Grove Block 11, which has been segmented into four lots, are also nearing completion.

In Golden Grove, Block 13 is also progressing so that allottees can begin construction soon. A

number of individuals who were allocated Golden Grove Block 18 will also now occupy this area due to challenges faced by the low-lying land at Block 18. Lot identification across these areas will be conducted in tranches.

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