Still no sign of missing Air Services plane and crew

Still no sign of missing Air Services plane and crew

There is still no sign of the missing air services islander aircraft and its two member crew, two days after air traffic control lost all contact with the pilot during an interior trip.

Search and Rescue teams will return to the densely forested area just outside of mahdia again on Tuesday in search of the aircraft. Aviation officials are convinced now that the aircraft may have crashed in the forested area. There are reports that there was bad weather in the area at the time of the plane’s last contact.

Managing Director of Roraima Airways Captain Gerry Gouveia said “the disappearance of this aircraft is baffling notwithstanding the area it was operating being ,one of the most hostile jungle and mountainous areas in Guyana.”

According to Gouveia, the area where the plane last made contact is the worst possible area to operate regularly, “much less having to conduct a search and rescue operations.”

The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority is overlooking the search and rescue efforts which could soon become search and recovery as hope fades that there will be any sign of life. A Special Forces Unit from the Guyana Defence Force is carrying out ground operations in the area.

The aircraft was being flown by 27-year-old pilot Nicky Persaud and a cargo handler was the only other person on board. The Air Services plane was operating cargo flights between Mahdia and the Region 8 village of Karisparu on Sunday when contact was lost.


Filed: 30th December 2015


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