Guyana to intensify precautionary measures to safeguard its territory -Pres. Ali

Guyana to intensify precautionary measures to safeguard its territory -Pres. Ali

President Irfaan Ali has announced that the Government of Guyana will be intensifying precautionary measures to safeguard the country against the increasing acts of aggression from neighbouring Venezuela.

In a late night address to the nation, the President rejected Venezuela’s latest actions to announce plans to make Guyana’s Essequibo region a new Venezuelan state, in defiance of a recent World Court ruling.

President Ali said the UN Security Council will be approached to address the issue as Guyana steps up its efforts to protect and safeguard its territory.

“We have engaged CARICOM, the OAS, the Commonwealth and many of our bilateral partners including the United States of America, Brazil, the United Kingdom and France. The Guyana Defence Force is on full alert and has engaged its military counterparts including the US Southern Command. By defying the Court, Venezuela has rejected international law, the rule of law generally, fundamental justice and morality, and the preservation of international peace and security. They have literally declared themselves an outlaw nation”, the President said.

President Ali assured that nothing will stop Guyana from proceeding with the case at the International Court or stop the Court from ultimately issuing its final Judgment on the merits of the case against Venezuela.

“We will not allow our territory to be violated nor the development of our country to be stymied by this desperate threat”, President Ali declared.

Venezuela has been trying to get Guyana to open dialogue on the border controversy, but Guyana maintains that time has passed, and the matter will remain with the International Court of Justice.

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