Jagdeo slams Venezuela’s VP claims of xenophobia against Venezuelans in Guyana

Jagdeo slams Venezuela’s VP claims of xenophobia against Venezuelans in Guyana

The claims by Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez that Venezuelans in Guyana were being targeted, has riled Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo, who told a media conference today the issue that the Venezuelan VP raised before the International Court should be fully addressed by Guyana’s legal team since the claims are false.

Ms. Rodirguez told the ICJ yesterday that Venezuelans in Guyana are being targeted in violation of international law and that the country is promoting Xenophobia.

But Vice President Jagdeo said the utterances of his Venezuelan counterpart are a total misrepresentation of his government’s posture and policy.

“She was trying to score political points there by saying that we are violating International Human Rights norms and promoting xenophobia against Venezuelans here. So, she is hoping to get the sympathy of the court by citing this, that this is happening now in Guyana. We have condemned this from the government. I have even got into trouble with the Opposition for condemning xenophobia,” Mr. Jagdeo said.

Mr. Jagdeo said he took particular umbrage to Ms. Rogriguez statements because they were misleading and there are credible examples where other countries used misinformation to invade other countries.

“Venezuela should not be mispresenting this issue particularly before the court, we have condemned Xenophobia, so it is a lie. And we have ensured that people continue to be treated—all Venezuelans be treated with dignity and respect here. We have made clear also from the very beginning that you break our laws and you face consequences, it is not a free pass, we have made that distinction and it is clear,” Mr. Jagdeo said.

Jagdeo labelled the statements as a cause for concern.

“Beyond international law we have a moral obligation to treat people fairly when they come here to look for a living as economic migrants. So, for her to go tell the Court that we practicing and promoting Xenophobia here is patently false and so our lawyers should address that,” the Vice President said.

Mr. Jagdeo said Venezuelan migrants will continue to be treated with dignity once they operate within the country’s laws.

The Vice President met a group of Venezuelan migrants a few weeks back to address some of their concerns.  

It was reported that during the meeting, he attempted to blame the Opposition for many of the concerns that were expressed by the Venezuelans.  The Opposition has rejected the accusations by the Vice President and accused him of going against the united front that the country should adopt against the aggression from Venezuela.

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